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Name: Parag Barjatiya

Home town: Indore (Madhya Pradesh)
Presently: Mumbai (Maharashtra)
My Story

It was 28th Dec 2012 afternoon when a phone rang at my place and the call was from Mrs. Sadhana Jain from Bhopal. She said they saw the details of Parag in the Jain samaj book printed for marriage proposals and thus want to share the details of her daughter Priyanka in same matter.

Hence the details (bio-data) were exchange on same day. In night my father got a call from her father and said he want to meet me since the Kundli were a good match. So my father said we can meet on 29th Dec 2012. I was already in Indore on 29th for the engagement function of a friend Ankisha Kabra with her better half Ashish Jhawar. I was a bit angry for having a meet on the very same day as I want that day to be free for just my friends but now I have a smile because of it. Happens!!!

On the day 29th her parents came from Bhopal and they were at our Indore home. A little session of talk with me went on and a greater session about finding the common relations & contacts in community. Well some of you must know by now about the arranged marriage talks phew!!

The same day her father asked me to give my number to him and he shared Priyanka's number with me. Also he told that since she is out for the new year party with her friends we can plan a meet some time early first week of Jan.

It was 31st Dec 2012 evening when I saw a message (thanks to whatsapp) on cell from Priyanka. We had a little chat that day ( or I should say night). Talked about how we are going to spend our year end and some talks about here and there. But one thing which is common in our talks since then is Salman Khan. That day when she pinged I was watching performance of him on TV and when I told her that she said she is also a big fan of him. Well that's the start of common likings we know till date. It was sayonara for the year and thus wished the same and good night. Nothing much was expected from the days to come is what I thought....

On 2nd Jan afternoon I got a call from her mother asking me to contact her and then plan and decide a meet on Thursday Jan 3rd 2013. That's what we did and that's where it started officially. Wait wait wait...we just had a formal talk of 10 min in the evening to decide the place and venue but then in the night for some reason we had a talk and that too for more than an hour. This seems to be the real game changer now.

We had our first meeting on 3rd Jan 2013 at Khar Danda Road - Costa Coffee but since it was crowded we went to Carter road. There the talk started. It was all the usual talk about us and family like those shown in the Sooraj Barjatiya's movie. That went on till we realized that we were meeting over a coffee and now it's dinner time. Had a dinner and then I dropped her at home. I had a party planned with friends on 4th Jan so for that I invited her. Now we knew each other a little so a small talk that night toh banta hai....:P and that happened. Had a talk again in night for some time.

It was 4th already by the time we realized we need to sleep and be in office tomorrow. In the afternoon I pinged her to ask if she can come to party in the evening and with some delay to my surprise it was a YES....hmmm in between our parents call us and asked about the meet happened on 3rd. A question for me and interrogation for is the simple word for it. On 4th only me & a friend knew she is coming over and not all to 5 Spice. This was the first meet with my friends and she was more composed and expressions of some were extra ordinary at the time. I still remember that. After a good dinner and friends time with all I and Priyanka left so that I can drop her home back. Seems some stars were in good position for us as she mentioned that we can go for a coffee and at the same time the rikshaw got punctured at the Juhu circle near CCD but we went Costa Coffee. Thanks for the COFFEE Priyanka....now I believe a LOT CAN HAPPEN OVER A COFFEE...:P. The people their have to ask us to leave since they were closing, we though of going some where next but then rather making it late for everyone it was better to drop her home and so we did that. I asked her if I can call her and we can talk and she said YES again....

I reached home and gave a call around 1:30-1:45 am to her. By the time you must have realized jab 2 baatein hoti hain toh 4 baat nikalti hai and then it goes on and on....Suddenly it was 2% battery on my cell and 5:30 am in morning. Walking and talking all night in the society compound it ended with a GOOD MORNING.....but then came the real surprise. A morning call at 8:30 am from her to me saying her father called and asked what to do and she said to go ahead and talk to my family. I was searching my sleep now.....Just the night before we were talking we should talk and meet more and then take a decision and here it was...all things falling apart as per what we thought...

Now a BOOLEAN answer to our meet was expected. It was a Saturday 5th Jan 2013. No answer, No sleep, No breakfast...and then went to friends place to discuss the situation and try and get some answers out of them. Well there was no question on the girl but now it was a step back to know if I myself was ready for it or not. It took a while for both of us to digest and accept what has happened but still we were answerable. I asked time till evening to decide and even have a word with her to know what she feels. Don't ask what all happened and went through in mind that day but by 5pm we decided to call our parent and say the magic words which were going to change our lives. And since then "The Notebook" is in making.

Name: Priyanka Jain

Home town: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)
Presently: Mumbai (Maharashtra)
My Story

As I was busy in packing my stuff to leave for New Years celebration, my mother was busy in finding a groom for me. She had got some jain matrimony book, from where she made a random call and had a word with his father. It was 28th Dec 2012 afternoon, when first time our parents had a conversation with each other for our alliance. They exchanged the biodatas and matched the kundli also, without my knowledge. As he was in the city only, they decided to meet him the very next day, i.e. 29th Dec 2012.

I was on my way to Gir National Park, and my parents were on their way to Indore (his city). At around 8:27am on 29th Dec, there was a mail in my inbox from him, with his biodata attach. I immediately called my mother and asked about it, and then she told me that they are going to meet him today. I was horrified and asked her the reason for not informing me about it earlier. She asked me to get relaxed and enjoy my trip.

Upon reaching GIR NATIONAL PARK, my mom called me and told that she liked him very much, a nice happy go lucky kind of person. Also, I have to meet him, once I am back to Mumbai. I was like, will see. On the New Year eve, my mom called and again started talking to me about him. I told her let me meet and decide.

With my moms much excitement, I made the first move by sending a hi to him on whatsaap, and introducing myself. We had a small chat, talked about how we are going to spend our year end and some talks about here and there. One thing which is common in our talks since then is Salman Khan. I think Salman Khan was the topic of discussion in most of our initial talks. Thanks to him!!! We wished New Year, and decided to get connected, once I am back to Mumbai.

I reached Mumbai on 1st Jan 2013, late evening. On 2nd Jan, in afternoon my mom called me and asked to get in touch with him, on which I told her to call him and ask the same to him. After sometime I received a massage from him stating hi and asking when we can talk, to take this further. Same evening, we had a formal talk of 10 mins to decide the day and place to meet. But then in the night for some reason we had a talk and that too for more than an hour, talking about our education, job, career, family and Salman Khan. I also told him that I like punctuality (reference later). From there it all started.

We had our first meeting on 3rd Jan 2013 at Khar danda Costa coffee. Since punctuality factor, I reached there half an hour before time, at 7pm. He too was there at 7:15pm. The actual time of meeting was 7:30pm. It was too crowded a place for the first meeting. We decided to go to carter road. There the talk started. It was all the usual talk about us and family, which went on till we realized that its already the time for dinner. We had our first dinner at Mezbaan with pastas both the side, a little sweet & a little salty. Then he dropped me at my home and also invited me for a party which was planned with his friends, the next day. On which I said I will tell him later. Now, as we know each other a little, we had a talk again that night for almost two hours.

On 4th Jan, I got a sms from him asking about my evening plan. I already had a plan with my friends, which somehow I decided to call off. I called my mom to ask about the invite, on which she said ok. I sms him back stating I am coming, with also confirming about the kind of party and his comfort factor with me around him. He told me that he is fine and comfortable. This was the first meet I was meeting his friends, and I felt I am safe and secure there being him around. After dinner, we left for dropping me to my place. Somehow, I asked him for a cup of coffee, and at the same time the auto rikshaw got punctured, and we decided to go to nearby Costa Coffee. We sat, had our coffee, and again forget about the time. The people there have to ask us to leave since they were closing. We decided to leave and finally he dropped me at my place around 1:15am. While leaving, he asked me if he can call me back and can we talk. And I said YES.

I got a call from him at around 1:45am, and then the real game changer thing happened. We talked till his cell battery got drained out. I remember it was around 5:30am. I finally slept. Guys, now you got to hear this, how some ones sleep can be so dangerous and can change someones life forever. At around 8:30am, I got a call from my father, asking about our meeting and my opinion. I was fast asleep, and in that condition I told him that I am fine with everything and he can talk to his father and him as well. I did not realize for about 10mins what I have just said. Once I did, I was completely awake, and the next thing I did was to call him. I called him and said that I have told my father that he can go ahead and can talk your father. And I even informed him that I was fast asleep while doing so, coz in night only, when we were talking, we had decided that we would like to talk and meet for few more days, before finalizing anything.

It was a Saturday 5th Jan 2013, morning. After having a word with him, I gave a call to Neelesh Jiju and my best friend Parul, and told them the complete story of past two days. I also told them about my nervousness. There was no question on him, but to say a Yes was something I was not sure of. They told me to relax and take a decision, as it will be a decision of lifetime. I called him again around 3:00pm, and it took me almost an hour to finally say a Yes. Yeah!! I had said yes directly to Parag, my soul mate. I know it sounds really weird, but when I said yes to Parag, I was sure of it. Then we both decide to call our respective parents at 5:00pm and say the magic words which were going to change our lives. And since then The Notebook is in making.